More than sensors+automation

Regulations and requirements

So that you can rely on your process completely and utterly, we continually strive to adapt our products to the latest safety requirements and directives. Especially in highly explosive areas you have to use the correct measuring instruments. JUMO offers you products with the approvals for your process.



Chemically-resistant materials must be used for chemical processes that cannot be subject to variability. We provide you with the material you need for your process (for example, CrNi steels, titanium, tantalum, inconel, hastelloy, and ceramic). For critical processes, materials can be furnished with a 3.1 inspection certificate under traceability procedures.

Certificates and approvals

ATEX plays an important role in the chemical industry. During the processing of chemicals, organic chemicals, expolsive mixtures can arise.

JUMO offers you a special product portfolio with ATEX certified products.