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Regulations and requirements

So that you can rely on your process completely and utterly, we continually strive to adapt our products to the latest safety regulations and requirements.

Learn here which certificates and approvals has JUMO for the products in the food and beverage industry.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) gives a list of the materials- which may be used in contact with the product. For polymers of any kind the use is in title 21 chapters 177. For seals chapter 177.2600 is necessary. A further set CFR title 21 part 11 prescribes for electronic recording a manipulation security and an electronic signature. Our recorder LOGOSCREENes can note data FDA conform with CFR title 21 part 11.

All materials which come into contact with product are conform to FDA regulations.

The EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) has a set of recommendations for the hygenic design of plants and measuring instruments Doc 8 Hygienic equipment design criteria. Additionally there is the possibility  to submit the devices to a cleanability test. The cleaning barness is confirmed with a certificate. The following products have passed the cleanability test. These are the products of the process connecting system JUMO PEKA:


3A Sanitäry Standard publishes guidelines for the design of components for the foodstuffs industry. JUMO, as a leading company within the range of hygenic  measurement sets a high value on the compliance of these guidelines. The following products are 3A certified:


During the processing of flour, powders and alcoholic active substances explosive mixtures can result also in the food industry.

For this JUMO offers you a special product portfolio with ATEX certified products.