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Air conditioner/heat pump

In an automatic home ventilation system, air conditioners provide optimum air conditions in modern buildings. These devices are split into an outdoor and an indoor unit, making different demands on measurement and control systems. JUMO controllers have no difficulty in meeting the challenge. The JUMO product portfolio for the various areas of measurement and control technology have many variations and you will always be able to find the solution you require.

Frost protection of the outdoor unit

Protecting the outdoor unit of an air conditioner against frost damage is a very important task that can be supported by the JUMO frostTHERM-AT. The capillary tubing follows a winding course across the outdoor unit and the thermostat responds from a 30cm “frost section”. If the preset temperature on a section like this is reached, the thermostat connects the required heat unit or switches off the system. Moisture condensation and frost damage are avoided.