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Combined heat and power plant

With this innovative heat generation concept, you also produce, quite incidentally, enough power for everyday use. A combined heat and power plant is so highly complex, it is particularly important for all the components to be perfectly adapted to one another. The use of instrumentation technology from JUMO, ensures that all components always operate within the correct temperature range. You can then relax and enjoy the benefits of congeneration.

Monitoring pressure and temperature in the cooling circuit of a combustion engine

The safe and reliable operation of a combustion engine is essentially decided by engine lubrication and cooling. The important parameters here are pressure and temperature. Optimum control of the oil pressure and temperature, for example, prevents bearing damage. In the cooling circuit, on the other hand, a slight overpressure helps to shift the coolant boiling point to 115°C.Here too, the temperature as well as the pressure must be monitored. The thermostat does not need any auxiliary power to monitor the critical temperature values and in an emergency, switch off the CHP plant.