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Condensing boilers

The classic system for generating heat is the condensing boiler - a highly sophisticated solution. JUMO has years of experience in this area and as a result, can provide all the necessary measurement and control system products to perfectly equip this type of system. JUMO has been a reliable partner to the heating industry for many years. Whether in the context of joint development at the start of a product phase, or when adapting products during their lifecycle, JUMO is always striving to be involved in  developing the best possible solution for safe condensing boiler control.

Monitoring the process water temperature

The strict standards of hygiene that have to be met for the storage of the process water requires precise regulations of the water temperature in the storage media. The 60°C maximum process water temperature must not be exceeded, nor must the temperature fall below 55°C. Resistance thermometers from JUMO provide safe and reliable solutions for monitoring the temperature of the process water. Of course, these solutions can also be transferred to all areas of  temperature measurement in heating installations.