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Pellet heating system

Measurement and control systems are a necessary part of any heating system, including pellet heating systems. The choice and size of this heating system is always heavily dependent on customer requirements and on the physical on-site conditions. This means that it is particularly important to have a reliable measurement and control system partner, who can be flexible about customizing the systems solutions that they provide. JUMO is always striving to achieve with you the optimum solution for your project.

Temperature visualization

The greater the heat output from a pellet heating system, the more important it is to have constant control over the temperatures actually present in the process. The JUMO di308 digital indicator allows you to read the current process temperature at any time.  You can program the minimum and maximum values, in order to safely control your process. An additional aid when monitoring is the alarm text change of color from red to green, or vice versa, which visually assists your process control.