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Solid fuel boilers

Heating with solid fuels inevitably involves the highest temperature produced by an open flame. It is particularly important here that all protection systems are reliable and made to last. JUMO provides you with exactly the right solutions: safe – reliable –advanced. With a finger permanently on the pulse of technology, you need, to protect your boiler plants.

Monitoring the exhaust gas temperature in bivalent operation

A frequently seen method of operation with solid fuel boilers is bivalent operation with a condensing boiler. An exhaust gas temperature monitor (ATW) must be deployed to ensure that only one of the systems is used to generate energy.  The ATW measures the temperature in the exhaust pipe of the solid fuel boiler. When the temperature reaches 80°C, the ATW automatically disables the condenser boiler. The JUMO heatTHERM-AT is the optimum design for new types of boiler.