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Regulations and requirements

So you can fully rely entirely on your system, our products meet the current safety regulations and guidelines. Find out here about JUMO certificates and approvals for the products in industrial furnaces.


Depending on the application, metal or ceramic protection tubes are installed in industrial furnace. The metal protection tubes consist of steels, in some cases with a high proportion of nickel and chromium for reducing and oxidizing atmospheres. The following materials are used for protection tubes: Steel X18CrNi 28 mat. no. 1.4749 and steel X15CrNiSi 2520 mat. no. 1.4841. Materials for the tubes include gastight C610 ceramics with a high content of aluminum oxide (for temperatures up to +1300°C) and C799 ceramics (for temperatures up to +1600°C).

DIN EN 14597

The DIN EN 14597 regulates the usage of the temperature control devices and temperature limiters for heating generating systems. It describes the functional requirements and tests which must be met for all electrical, non electrical control devices, temperature limiters, or are controlled by a limiting device.