More than sensors+automation


When carrying out sterilization, it is essential for the measuring instruments to respond quickly and work accurately and reliably. For measurement control, you can connect the measuring points with the JUMO LOGOSCREEN es, a paperless recorder that documents and archives data for the sterilization process so as to exclude falsification. The JUMO LOGOSCREEN es meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and is thus suitable for documentation of all pharmaceutical processes.

Reliable measurement of pressure and temperature

The basic idea of sterilization is to make the products you are sterilizing germfree. The factors of temperature, pressure and time are enlisted to achieve this. These factors are interdependent and mutually determinable. JUMO provides you with fast-responding sensors and reliable measurement technology, so that you can rely on the outcome of sterilization. No matter what type of sterilization you are performing. When the appropriate steam-tight versions are used, our products are suitable for any type of sterilization.