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Diesel traction

Monitoring temperature in diesel engines

To achieve optimum drive power and best possible efficiency, the heat balance in modern diesel engines must be appropriate. Precise temperature measurement is imperative, as tight restrictions are imposed on temperature. JUMO's Screw-in RTD temperature probe for the railway industry stands out because of its robustness in demanding installation situations. It provides accurate temperature values for the engine and lubricating oil, as well as for the engine control charge-air. Data is also transmitted from the main cooling circuit to the controller for engine cooling management.


Fuel, lubricating oil, and charge-air pressure measurement in diesel engines with the JUMO MIDAS S19R

Common rail technology is increasingly being relied on as the method of fuel injection for diesel engines. Other than temperature measurement, pressure monitoring is primarily imperative for perfect engine operation. With the JUMO MIDAS S19R pressure transmitter, you can monitor the feed pressure and rail presssure of the fuel, the pressure of the lubricating oil, and the charge-air pressure of the turbocharger.