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Hydraulic power transfer

Monitoring of the oil temperature in hydrodynamic transmission

Hydrodynamic gear units are a combination of torque converters and fluid couplings, that convert the mechanical energy of the diesel engine into the fluid energy of a liquid which is usually oil. The oil temperature must be continuously  monitored to prevent an admissible maximum temperature value being exceeded. Use our particularly robust RTD temperature probe – built specifically for the railway industry – for measuring the temperature of the transmission oil.



Retarder monitoring with the JUMO MIDAS S19R and the JUMO Screw-in RTD temperature probes

You can use the JUMO MIDAS S19R pressure transmitter and JUMO Screw-in RTD temperature probes to monitor hydrodynamic braking (retarder), the brake force of which acts on the vehicle drive shaft via a rotor by filling the retarder with oil.