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Drive technology

In rail vehicles, generating movement by means of power transmission imposes some extreme loads on the components of the drive system. Consequently, high temperatures develop on some mechanical components which must be monitored constantly. Reliable measurement technology from JUMO helps you monitor temperature and pressure in drive systems, including Electric traction, Diesel traction, Hydraulic power transfer, and Wheelset transmission.


Climate control

To provide passengers with the most comfortable journey possible, all modern railroad cars are now fitted with powerful air conditioners. High-quality measuring instruments from JUMO are the ideal solution to ensure thatair condtioners perform their heating and cooling functions perfectly, when the outside temperature is extremely high and low. Explore solutions in Air conditioning systems and Climate monitoring.



In virtually all rail vehicles, compressed air is the most important source of energy (along with electric current) because it is responsible for many of the basic functions of a train. Reliable pressure monitoring throughout the system is vital in the generation, distribution, and use of the compressed air. Pressure transmitters from JUMO can help you in tasks involving Compressed air systems, Brakes, Process, waste, and fire-fighting water tanks, and other compressed air consuming units.



JUMO does not just provide devices for actual automotive technology applications in the field of railway technology, it also provides devices to be used outside the rail vehicles. Wherever temperatures have to be measured or pressure patterns monitored, JUMO, your competent partner, is at your side. For temperature probes suitable for Point heating applications…