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Process, waste and fire-fighting water tanks

Vacuum toilets as an example of pressure condition monitoring with the JUMO MIDAS S06

The toilet systems in modern rail vehicles are cut off from the surrounding environment. In these airtight systems, it is a vacuum that brings the wastewater and feces to the wastewater tank.

When you flush, the vacuum pump generates a vacuum in an intermmediate tank, the inlet valve opens, and the contents of the toilet bowl are sucked into the tank. The inlet valve then closes, excess pressure builds up in the intermediate tank, the outlet valve opens, and the contents of the intermediate tank is pushed into the wastewater tank. To ensure trouble-free flushing you can measure the system operating pressure in the compressed air supply line and the vacuum as well as excess pressures in the intermediate tank during the flush cycle with the JUMO MIDAS S06.


Anti-freeze protection monitoring in process water, wastewater, and fire-fighting water tanks

To protect rail vehicle water tanks against frost damage during the cold season, the heating systems in the tanks are switched on when the outdoor temperatures are low. JUMO thermostats ensure accurate and reliable temperature monitoring and heating element operation here.

Temperature values can also be recorded by RTD temperature probes and processed accordingly in the electronic controller.