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Solar thermal system

With solutions from JUMO that are specifically designed for solar thermal energy, you have every aspect of heat generation under your control – you increase the efficiency of your system, stay flexible and also reduce your maintenance costs.


JUMO RTD temperature probes for solar thermal energy

Temperature sensors are important parts of the solar thermal system and are often underestimated. They must be temperature-resistant, leak-proof and longterm stable, must withstand extremely adverse operating conditions on the roof and return reliable measurement results for the service life of the solar system, which may be 20 years or more. For guaranteed results, use of the platinum temperature sensor Pt1000 is recommended. Due to the high nominal value used, the lead resistance of the connecting cable has minimal effect on the temperature measurement. While the sun's potential may be free, the source of economical and high-quality solar sensors is JUMO. JUMO has been recognized as a high-quality supplier of solar thermal energy sensors for many years. JUMO RTD temperature probes have proven their effectiveness in practical applications a million times over. The same applies to the small system for private houses and to the large professional plants.