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JUMO Membranlı Sensörler için Tutucu (202811)

  • Dezenfeksiyon izleme için uygun
  • 202630'dan 202636 datasheet numaralı tüm sensörlere uygun
  • Termoplastik reçine malzeme
  • 0-60 C yada 0-90 C çalışma sıcaklığı
  • 0-1 bar dan 0-6 bar a kadar kullanım
  • Aynı anda 4 ölçüme kadar izleme
  • Kompakt tasarım, yerden tasarruf
  • Sağlam yapı, kolay kullanım ve montaj
  • Doğru akış hızı ile yüksek ölçüm hassasiyeti
  • Kristaş şeffaf tasarım ile kirlilikleri kolayca tespit edebilme

Müşteri avantajı

  • Yedek parça gerektirmez
  • Düşük çalışma maliyeti, uzun çalışma süresi
  • Kolayca yeniden başlatma
  • Sabit akış hızı izleme ile güvenilir ölçüm değerleri


  • İçme ve kullanma suyu/havız suyu/soğutma suyu dezenfeksiyonu kontrolü
  • 202630'dan 202636 datasheet numaralı tüm sensörlere uygun


The combination fitting type 202811/10... is intended to hold several electrochemical sensors. Typical use includes disinfection monitoring of drinking and swimming pool water as well as slightly polluted process and cooling water. With its compact design type, the fitting allows for a space-saving combination of several sensors and is usually used in a bypass or downstream of a tap on the main line. The sensors are easily visible through the fitting's crystal-clear design and can be visually inspected for pollutants.
In the maximum version, 2 sensors with Pg 13.5 thread (e.g. for pH value and redox), 1 membrane-covered sensor Ø 25 mm for disinfection check (e.g. for free chlorine, chlorine dioxide), as well as a temperature probe with M14 x 1.5 thread. Furthermore, the inflow of the measuring water contains flow monitoring according to the floating body principle with an inductive proximity switch. Its function is to monitor a sufficient and constant inflow of the membrane-covered sensor. A ground pin can also be installed to discharge any electrostatic charges.
The water flows in and out of the fitting through plug-in connections for hoses with an inner diameter of Ø 6 mm. The flow velocity can be adjusted as required using the needle valve.
Thanks to the adept arrangement of the sensors and flow channels, bubble-free operation of the sensors is possible. The accumulation of air that can lead to distorted measured values is prevented. Slots that are not required can be blocked before startup by the dummy screw fittings contained in the scope of delivery.
To facilitate sampling for calibration (e.g. for free chlorine), the extension of the combination fitting with a mini ball valve is possible. Typically, the full set of features for a drinking or swimming pool water measuring point consists of pH and redox sensors (Pg 13.5, insertion length 120 mm), membrane-covered sensor for free chlorine, temperature probe, ground pin, and flow monitoring.
Flow monitoring, temperature probe, and ground pin can be obtained with the fitting when placing the order. They can be easily mounted by the user.




Parça numarası Ürün açıklaması Fiyat
Dichtungsset für Kombiarmatur 202811 (PG209791) Fiyat sor
Mini-Kugelhahn G 1/4 (PG209791) Kugelventil Fiyat sor
Haltewinkel komplett für Durchflussarmatur; (PG209791) Fiyat sor
Leitungsdose, 4-polig, M12x1, gerade, 2m Fiyat sor
Leitungsdose, 5-polig, M12x1, gerade, 5m Fiyat sor